In the lead up to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, which is being held in Stockholm this year, there’s a lot of Swedish trivia floating around the net. Here’s some rather quirky catchphrases and their English translations which may seem a little odd:

  • To beat around the bush = Att gå som katten runt het gröt (To walk like a cat around hot porridge)
  • No worries = Ingen ko på isen (There’s no cow on the ice)
  • They’re wasted = De är på kanelen (They’re on cinnamon)
  • To seek revenge = Att ge igen för gammal ost (To give back old cheese)
  • You have a skeleton in your closet = Du har inte rent mjöl i påsen (You don’t have clean flour in your bag)
  • There’s something fishy going on here! = Här ligger en hund begraven! (There’s a dog buried here!)
  • You’re raging mad! = Du är skogstokig! (You’re forest crazy!)

Japppp…I’m sure that there must be some explanation for these wacky phrases, but I think I’d prefer to just accept them and their charm for what they are. Do you know any more? If you do, let me know in a comment below. I’d love to hear them!

Ha en trevlig dag! Vi ses!


Sources: SBS Australia, Image: