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A British expat exploring everything that Sweden has to offer. Shifting from a young professional working in London, England to the quiet cobble stone streets of Lund, Sweden.



Best hidden restaurant eats in Lund

I’ll start by saying it straight away, if you’re familiar with the city of Lund then these shouldn’t be hidden eats for you. However, if you’re new to the city (say you are a new student of Lunds Universitet) or a tourist spending a few days here, then these are certainly places worth a visit that you may have either turned your nose up at or completely missed when walking by.

I’ll keep this one to the point. So, let’s get to it.

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Road Tripping in Gotland

Tjena allihopa!

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Svensk Taco Pizza Recipe/Recept

Taco Fredag: The Swedish Taco Friday Tradition

It’s about time that I wrote about this subject given I came across it during my first week in Sweden. But I’ll keep this one brief. Yes, “taco Friday”, or “taco fredag”, is a thing here and a big thing as it happens.

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5 More Things You Need To Know About Swedish Food

Lund, you are beautiful.

Some Strange Swedish Phrases

In the lead up to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, which is being held in Stockholm this year, there’s a lot of Swedish trivia floating around the net. Here’s some rather quirky catchphrases and their English translations which may seem a little odd: Continue reading “Some Strange Swedish Phrases”

5 Things You Need To Know About Swedish Food

Tja! The hibernation is over.

So yeah, it happened. I know… The stereotypical silent blogger exit. The days between the posts turns to weeks, and then months, and then the sudden saddening realisation that the last post (which was supposed to be the one to get me writing again after the long, dark and cold winter) was posted 3 months ago. What can I say? Continue reading “Tja! The hibernation is over.”

The Best Falafel In Lund? – Lundafalafel vs. Kebabhuset (Det bästa Falafel i Lund)

Lund is a city full of history, beautiful architecture and picturesque scenes. It’s also full of middle eastern kebab houses. Something I certainly didn’t expect. Falafel is huge, and there’s a variety of places to try dotted all over the city. For me however, there’s two to consider: Continue reading “The Best Falafel In Lund? – Lundafalafel vs. Kebabhuset (Det bästa Falafel i Lund)”

Lund in Autumn | Lund i höst (#2)

DIY Interior Design: Scandinavian Wooden Crate Bed Side Table

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