Content Marketing is a phrase that I’ve heard thrown around here, there and everywhere, and the majority of the time the definition differs wildly. Some talk about the type of communication, some the objective, and some the channel of communication.

To me, in the most simplistic of explanations;

Content Marketing has always been about building valuable relationships with customers by offering them genuinely valuable content.

It’s an exchange of goods and services. You need to offer something truly beneficial to the customer in order for them to give you their interest and loyalty.

I’m a Content Strategist with expertise in video content strategy, social media and customer experience. I also have experience in branding, advertising and offer copy writing services in English.

I am based in Skåne, Sweden, but can offer services internationally. Please feel free to check out my portfolio to see some of my work or for something more light hearted, any of my blogs.

I am currently unavailable for content marketing services but if you’d like to get in touch you can find me on LinkedIn