Here’s a quick food idea for anyone looking to spice up their pizza Svenska style: The Swedish Taco Pizza.

Taco night is a pretty big thing in Sweden which typically takes place on Fridays. In fact, I’ll write a little piece about it for all the non Swedes. Click here to learn about Taco Night.

So, if you didn’t know about Taco Night, you do now. The concept here is to take that beautiful thing and turn it into a pizza. Easy. As with Taco Night itself, the concept is super customisable so you can make it yours. So in which case, here’s my Taco Pizza recipe.

Dave and Maddie’s Taco Pizza


– Pizza base (home made or store bought)
– Plain flour
– Pizza sauce
– Taco sauce
– 500g Ground meat (We use blandfärs which is 50% ground beef and 50% ground pork)
– 1 Packet Taco spice mix
– 1 Pepper (We’re using sweet red peppers)
– Mozzarella
– Salt and pepper
– Fresh basil


I’ll just start by saying this is a no fuss recipe. If you’re entertaining you should probably make both your pizza dough and pizza sauce from scratch. However, for just a standard meal feel free to buy a pizza kit from the supermarket. They do a decent job.

  1. First thing I like to do is salt and flour the underside of my pizza dough. This gives it a bit more of an authentic and luxurious feel whilst adding to the dough’s flavour.
  2. Prepare your blandfärs in the ordinary way – brown in a frying pan, then mix with the taco spice mix and a bit of water and cook until ready. This can stand to the side once done.
  3. Shape your pizza dough and then lather both sauces on top until you’re satisfied. I say about 50% pizza sauce and 50% Taco.
  4. Now add your taco meat mix and other toppings of your choice. I’ve finely sliced sweet red pepper and torn some chunks of mozzarella.
  5. Bake in the top of the oven for about 12 minutes at 220°c or until the pizza is coloured to perfection and the dough is fully cooked. This will depend on the pizza dough that you used.
  6. Finish the taco pizza with some fresh basil and a little black pepper. Delicious.


Now I like my pizzas simple so I’ve only opted for a few ingredients. But you can take this to whatever levels you like. Enjoy the experimentation! You could even integrate that into the evenings entertainment when hosting. Trust me, this is a good one!

Let me know any exceptional flavour combinations that you come up with in the comments below. Vi ses!