A Brit In Sweden

A British expat exploring everything that Sweden has to offer. Shifting from a young professional working in London, England to the quiet cobble stone streets of Lund, Sweden.

The Best Falafel In Lund? – Lundafalafel vs. Kebabhuset (Det bästa Falafel i Lund)

Lund is a city full of history, beautiful architecture and picturesque scenes. It’s also full of middle eastern kebab houses. Something I certainly didn’t expect. Falafel is huge, and there’s a variety of places to try dotted all over the city. For me however, there’s two to consider: Continue reading “The Best Falafel In Lund? – Lundafalafel vs. Kebabhuset (Det bästa Falafel i Lund)”

Lund in Autumn | Lund i höst (#2)

DIY Interior Design: Scandinavian Wooden Crate Bed Side Table

Autumn in Lund / Höst i Lund

“Äpplemust” – Erm, what is that?

DIY Interior Design: A Few Easy Hints, Tips and Hacks

Well today is a Sunday, so rather than writing a full blog I thought that I’d share a few little tips and hacks that I’ve gathered in the last couple of months. Many of these little touches are what turns a flat or house into a home Continue reading “DIY Interior Design: A Few Easy Hints, Tips and Hacks”

You must “panta mera”! – Recycling Swedish style

First and foremost, have a quick look at this video:

So, allow me to introduce you to the concept of “Panta“, something entirely unknown to me up until last week. Continue reading “You must “panta mera”! – Recycling Swedish style”

Life in Lund – Moving in #3: The Finished Flat

And part three brings us to today, the finished flat, and the story of how it ended up on the front cover of the Skånskan sunday paper. Continue reading “Life in Lund – Moving in #3: The Finished Flat”

DIY Interior Design – Hanging Glass Jar Plant Pots

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