I think I may have been spoilt for choice when it comes to wining and dining in London as Lund’s restaurant game has always felt lacking to me. But alas, a new place has recently opened! And a burger place at that! Score.

Tugg Burgers opened around the start of April 2016 to what looked like open arms. I can remember seeing queues of people from the till to the street during lunch time rush hour and overly filtered shots of burgers filling my Instagram feed. Now you’ll have to forgive me for not visiting sooner, but it is what it is. It’s located next to St:Jakobs Stenugnsbageri on Klostergatan 9. So the other day whilst the sun was out Maddie and I paid a visit to this popular new burger joint with high expectations. Now I’ll be quite detailed here so this may be a long post. Skip to the end if you’re short on time.

On arrival I immediately got that blended style of hipster and Scandinavian design – lots of dark wooden and metal chairs and tables nicely lit with some dim bulb lamps. Add a few plants here and there to bring some colour and life and you’re good to go. We visited after lunch hours but the place was still very busy with one or two available tables outside. This seemed good. A really nice vibe and a lot of customers.

Signs explained that we should grab a menu and order inside at the till so we quickly grabbed one of the last tables and did just that. The menu looked good with a few different burger and side options (smaller menus are always better in my opinion). As this was our first visit we had to make sure that the staples were up to scratch so grabbed a classic burger and a cheeseburger along with mixed fries (normal and sweet potato fries mixed) and a sauce. We also ordered a pale ale and a strawberry milkshake.

Unfortunately the service here was a little blunt with basically no interaction. Not the best start but being someone who’s worked in restaurants on hot summer days, I can understand the lack of empathy after a busy lunch service. I’m just gonna give them the benefit of the doubt here. We were given a number on a piece of card and the beer and then shuffled our way back to our seats.

We took our seats in the sun, ready to enjoy a relaxing sunny lunch with an ice cold beer. Perfect. But wait…a waitress suddenly pops up over our shoulder and tells us that we can’t drink alcohol outside of the “tented area” as they don’t have the permits and that we have to move. Strong emphasis on the “have to”. (This news wasn’t delivered with any sugar on top). We did as she said and moved, and luckily were able to find a table where some people were just leaving.  Unluckily, all of the tables in the tented area were in the shade. Now after moving I did notice a few scribbles on pieces of paper saying “no alcohol” dotted around the place, but this was clearly an afterthought solution. And this was really something that they should have addressed at the till. I wouldn’t have ordered a beer if I knew that it would ban me from being able to see the sun. How’s a Brit going to get burnt there?

Anyway, after our relocation Maddie’s milkshare arrived. The drinks were alright…that’s about the best I could give them. My pale ale, which came in one of those stereotypical jam jar glasses, was nice and the milkshake looked great but was not that much better than a Max milkshake. But we’re not here for the drinks now are we.

Pale Ale & Strawberry Shake @ Tugg Burgers, Lund
Pale Ale & Strawberry Shake @ Tugg Burgers, Lund

Time passed and we saw order after order of delicious looking burgers floating around the tables. I say floating around as the table/delivery system clearly was not working very well. The numbers given to guests appeared to be random so the unfortunate waiter/waitress just had to walk around shouting a number and hoping that someone would respond. I can imagine quite a few orders end up a lot colder than they should be because of this. This can easily be fixed and hopefully they do so soon.

35 minutes past from the moment that we ordered but finally our burgers arrived. I wouldn’t say this was too bad, but it definitely wasn’t good given the number of guests at the time. On first impressions, they looked good!

Cheeseburger @ Tugg Burgers, Lund
Cheeseburger @ Tugg Burgers, Lund

The buns were nicely toasted and golden. My cheeseburger looked juicy and unhealthy as it should. Maddie’s classic burger looked a bit more fresh with a nice salad and burger dressing. The chips were a really good idea, having a mix of normal and sweet potato, but our sweet potato fries were slightly burnt giving them a bitter flavour.

Cheeseburger @ Tugg Burgers, Lund
Medium Cheeseburger @ Tugg Burgers, Lund

The patties were really tasty and it’s great to know that they’re homemade, but they were a little on the small side for a 85kr burger excluding sides. My cheeseburger worked really well with the combination of gooey cheese, grilled onions and a ketchup/mustard sauce. It reminded me of Shake Shack’s famous cheeseburger, just more expensive and not quite as good (unfortunately).

The Verdict:

  • Food Quality: 7.5/10
    • Dave – 7/10, Maddie –  8/10
  • Service: 3/10
    • Dave – 4/10, Maddie – 2/10
  • Price: 6/10
    • Dave – 6/10, Maddie – 6/10
  • Vibe/Atmosphere – 7.5/10
    • Dave – 8/10, Maddie – 7/10

Between the two of us, we both felt that the burgers pretty much spoke for themselves. They were full of flavour, good quality meat and looked great too. Can’t really fault them other than being greedy and wanting them to be a bit bigger. The restaurant itself had a cool vibe with a busy atmosphere, and it fits perfectly into the little unused backyard/square. However, the service really let it down during our visit. This can of course change visit to visit, but it certainly wasn’t up to par this time around.

  • Overall – 6/10. 

In my opinion, these were certainly not the best burgers in Lund. A long time ago I asked that question on Reddit with inconclusive results. I think I found the answer myself but I can share that little secret another time…

Do you have a favourite burger joint in Lund? Let me know in the comments below.

Find out more about Tugg Burgers here: http://lund.tuggburgers.se/