Living in a compact flat means that you need to make efficient use of all the space that you have. And that doesn’t just go for the floor space. Here’s a quick and simple way to bring some colour and life to a room using some unconventional space.

What you’ll need:

– Jars (preferably with handles) to hold the plants
– Nylon string or fishing line
– Ceiling hooks of some kind

How to make the hanging plant pots:

1. Find a space: First you’ll need to decide on a space in your room where you’ll be able to hang the pots for all to see but they won’t be in the way. We used a corner space just above the arm of the sofa.

2. Prep the jars: Clean your jars thoroughly before beginning to work with them. We chose to use glass jars from Granit, Lund as their transparent nature reduces the impact on the room. If you’re already living in a small space you don’t want to make it seem smaller. If you have more space available, you can try more contrasting pots for a bolder look.

3. Tie the string or line to the jar handle: We used strong and clear fishing line for this to create the illusion that the jars were floating. The knot we used was an old fishing knot called an “improved clinch knot” to reduce any chance of slipping. You can learn how to tie one here.


4. Decide on hanging length and position: Before you cut the other end of the line, it’s a good idea to play about with position and length to work out how you’d like to hang the jars. Once you’re happy, mark with a pencil where you’ll need the hooks and make sure to cut with enough extra length of the line to play about with knots.


5. Tie the hanging knot: We used a loop knot known as the “perfection loop knot”. Rather than tieing a tight knot, this loop gives you the flexibility to take the hanging jars down easily if you need to get to them. You can learn how to tie the knot here.


6. Place the ceiling hooks: We used Command Mini Clear Hooks to ensure that no marks or damage was made to the wall. It’s surprising how strong the Command products are. We’ve used them to hang everything from mirrors to steel grates. However you can use any type of secure hook.

7. Test the hanging jars: Now you’re ready to hang, but before you get ahead of yourself it’s wise to test the strength of the knots and hooks. Hang your jars for a day or so to ensure that they’ll hold in place. Add a little more weight periodically to ensure that they can hold the water and plants later.

8. Good to go: Assuming that they hold well, you can finish the piece with your choice of flowers or plants and enough water to let them drink. Happy creating.