And so it begins… Or at least it did a few weeks back. This was moving day on the 2nd August 2015. And it was a messy one!

Luckily for Maddie and I, we had a lot of help from her parents and with a van and tow truck loaded up we headed from Helsingborg to Lund.

Once the initial dump (see top image) had taken place, first point of call for us was to make sure that whatever happened we had a bed (or at least a mattress) to fall into at the end of the day. So after a little struggle up the stairs we dropped off all the parts of our bed, unrolled the mattress and that was that for the time being.


Downstairs was certainly a different beast though. Where to start? The drinks table of course. I am a Brit after all… You can spot it in the top left of the picture below.


And so the day(s) continued as we began our little project of turning our new flat into our new home.